Iveta & Simone Announce Upcoming Single, “Weeping”New alternative rock song coming to airwaves December 2019 AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, NOVEMBER 12, 2019 - The famous duo Iveta & Simone has announced the release of a highly anticipated upcomin

g single entitled “Weeping”.In true Iveta & Simone style, “Weeping” is an emotionally charged song with elements of alternative rock, new age, and adult contemporary. “Weeping” features the sultry and rich vocals of Iveta & Simone against a musical ensemble that is edgy and grungy, both pleasing to the ears and irresistible.

The new song has elements of blues and a resounding chill that is sure to keep listeners engaged.Iveta & Simone’s “Weeping” comes on the heels of several successful singles this year. Some of these new tracks have included “L.O.V.E.”, a rendition of “Smooth Operator”,

“Sunshine”, and “More Than A Man”. The duo hails from Auckland, New Zealand, and continue to bring their unique melodies and style to the international stage. Of course, they are passionate about performing locally. In the next week, Iveta & Simone will perform twice for audiences in Auckland. Audiences have come to know Iveta & Simone for their unique personalities and energy, which they frequently showcase on stage and through their YouTube videos, and their unique sound, which has been compared to Era, Eurythmics, and No Doubt.Soon, audiences will get a taste of “Weeping” when the single goes live on December 15, 2019. It will launch on major music streaming platforms, YouTube, and the Iveta & Simone website.

This new single places an emphasis on heartbreak and relationship turmoil, bringing feelings of resentment and sadness and longing to the surface in a melody that is haunting yet relatable to so many. Iveta & Simone hope this song will let others know that they aren’t alone when they are going through tough times.“We’ve all been there,” they said. “We hope our new song will help others know that we understand the feeling.”More information can be found at Iveta & SimoneIveta & Simone are New Zealand’s edgy female vocal duo taking the region by storm with tracks such as “Sunshine”, “More Than A Man”, and the newly released “L.O.V .E”.

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