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Iveta & Simone - Single Review: Ticking Bomb

16 FEB 2022 // A REVIEW BY KEV ROWLAND Iveta & Simone are back with their latest single, following on from Obsessed which I reviewed back in October. This starts with some gentle piano chords, with a delicate 80’s synth over the top, and then we get some riffing distorted guitars and bass, one of the ladies starts singing gently, with a husky edge to her voice, we get some more guitars and then we are into the chorus which is bouncy and bright. It is the chorus which is very much the highlight of this song, as there is real promise with the feeling that here there is a rock song just waiting to burst out. However, while the chorus is highly infectious, as it proceeds one realises that everything underneath is incredibly basic. I presume it is a drum machine as opposed to a real human, as the pattern does nothing apart from keep the beat: there is no drive whatsoever, while the guitars also never have the bite they should have. After we have had the chorus and bridge a few times, Iveta & Simone sing in a rather off-key off-hand manner before going back into the chorus, which just feels strange as there are also some lovely vocals on here so it must be deliberate effect. I think if there was a full rock band underneath this, with Iveta & Simone over the top, then this would be a totally different animal with very strong hints indeed of Pat Benatar or even Doro. Frustratingly the chorus has real promise and I have found it sticks in the head, which should be a good indicator of radio play, but overall, this feels more like an opportunity missed.