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24 Apr 2020

  • Iveta & Simone - Single Review: Psycho Baby

Iveta & Simone - Single Review: Psycho Baby 20 APR 2020 // A REVIEW BY CALLUM WAGSTAFF Iveta and Simone are a duo that cut their teeth singing covers all over the world. They describe their original material as new age, contemporary alternative rock. They cite Madonna, Fergie, Shakira and Celine Dion as their musical influences. Where their last single L.O.V.E showcased their very Celine-esque approach to breath control and vowel sounds, Psycho Baby leans more into the spoken word stylings of Madonna. The song opens with an affecting violin melody, accompanied in the video by an old woman playing passionately in a room full of antiques. A few spoken word bars set the scene for the lover driven batty by the object of her affection. The opening lyrics, vocalisations and intervals sound a lot like Gnarles Barkley's Crazy. The video looks very well shot and of a high standard of production. After the cinematic opening scene with the elderly violinist, many breathtaking aerial city shots make up the bulk of the video after that. While they are impressive, they add little to the story of the song. The violin returns as the lead instrument in an arresting bridge, which is the emotional climax of the song. After that Iveta and Simone return to their spoken word refrains, reminiscent of the part in Madonna's Vogue where she rattles off fashion capitals. Iveta Vasileva, past winner of Eurodisc, and Simone Brooke, Chickaboom alumni have joined forces to bring us a unique blend of contemporary new age alternative art rock and continue to incorporate different aspects of surprising and interesting influences into their music. They have a dedicated fan-base and they cater well to them with their varied musical offerings. Rating: ☆☆☆☆ ( 4 / 5 ) About Iveta & Simone New Zealand’s Iveta & Simone Announce New Single, L.O.V.E. Catchy new age single slated to be a summer smash. On the rise female vocalist duo Iveta & Simone have just announced the upcoming release of their highly anticipated new single, L.O.V.E. The new single infuses Iveta & Simone’s signature artistry and vocals as only the duo can. They have released other tracks to great success, including the singles Sunshine and More Than A Man. The song L.O.V.E. also integrates their fusion of new age, contemporary, and alternative rock genres into a single, meaningful, and intoxicating sound that captivates audiences. Visit the Profile for Iveta & Simone