Iveta & Simone Release New Single, “I’m Only Focused On You’”

New Zealand vocal duo Iveta & Simone are excited to announce the official release of their latest single, entitled “I’m Only Focused On You”, which is due for release on July 24th.

Iveta & Simone were individual artists and songwriters before joining forces to create their powerful duo, which has released a steady string of highly acclaimed hits since launch. Some of their most well known tracks include “Sunshine”, “Psycho Baby”, “L.O.V.E.”, and “More Than A Man”, and they continue to carve out their own niche with new singles.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, in a time when quarantines and shutdowns have forced Iveta & Simone to pause live shows at venues across New Zealand, the vocalist duo has kept their fans engaged in a number of ways. For instance, Iveta & Simone have held an online concert, released another new single (“She Used To Be Me”), held a t-shirt giveaway, performed at private functions, taken part in interviews, and invited fans to join a 30-day Affirmation Challenge.

Now, Iveta & Simone have released another song, “I’m Only Focused On You”. This new love-themed track has a grungy and pop undertone with lyrics that capture the attention of listeners right away. While they aren’t touring right now, Iveta & Simone have released “I’m Only Focused On You” on major streaming platforms, as well as on their website, for fans and music-lovers to enjoy.

Even during COVID-19, Iveta & Simone fans are getting a taste of their wonderful musical abilities. “Psycho Baby” and “She Used To Be Me” have gotten more than 2.3 million views on Facebook per song and thousands of Spotify streams.

Iveta & Simone are staying connected with fans through social media and regular blog posts. More details are available now at https://www.ivetasimonemusic.com.

About Iveta & Simone

Iveta & Simone are New Zealand’s edgy female vocal duo taking the region by storm with tracks such as “Sunshine”, “More Than A Man”, and the newly released “L.O.V.E”.


Iveta & Simone

E-mail: ivetasimone@gmail.com

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