Iveta & Simone Release New Single, “I’m Only Focused On You’”

New Zealand vocal duo Iveta & Simone are excited to announce the official release of their latest single, entitled “I’m Only Focused On You”, which is due for release on July 24th.

Iveta & Simone were individual artists and songwriters before joining forces to create their powerful duo, which has released a steady string of highly acclaimed hits since launch. Some of their most well known tracks include “Sunshine”, “Psycho Baby”, “L.O.V.E.”, and “More Than A Man”, and they continue to carve out their own niche with new singles.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, in a time when quarantines and shutdowns have forced Iveta & Simone to pause live shows at venues across New Zealand, the vocalist duo has kept their fans engaged in a number of ways. For instance, Iveta & Simone have held an online concert, released another new single (“She Used To Be Me”), held a t-shirt giveaway, performed at private functions, taken part in interviews, and invited fans to join a 30-day Affirmation Challenge.