Iveta & Simone appreciate fans for attending concert

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Iveta & Simone

Hello wonderful people, we want to officially say a big thank you to our fans for coming out to dance and watch us do our thing at our last performance.

Resulting from the massive success of our performance at the just concluded concert, we have deduced that we have the best fans possible. It is very rare to have wonderful people like you to surround us and we want you to know that we really appreciate your presence at our previous show.

Do you know what gives an artist the greatest morale is the awareness that he is passing across positive message to a group of audience. Honestly, the turn out we got at our previous performance is a clear indication that we have loyal listeners that appreciate our music.

We urge you to keep the support on as we will never disappoint you and your trust in the quality of our music and also to be informed that we have released More Than A Man track on the 15th of September.

Thank you and we love you.

Iveta & Simone

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