Fears…..We all have them!!! Some are big and some are small, There are fears that suddenly burst over you like the light from a bright

propelling you into inaction! While others just sit in the background, that hard to explain ‘off’ feeling in the back of your mind, that heaviness or that churning in the pit of your stomach.

Some fears are rational and legitimate! whilst others are not, possibly the result of other people's words spoken in malice, your own perfectionist tendencies, a multitude of reasons.

What do you do in those moments of fear….Freeze, Scream, Run, Hide or Avoid ??

We believe…Fear breeds self doubt and self doubt is a dream killer!!

Fear and self doubt won’t go away on their own! We say identify and confront that fear or the cause of it, master it, for some, you might slay that beast in one fell swoop, for others it may mean baby steps...one small step and one small step and one more step until you are FREE!!

And remember, where your tongue leads you will follow, If you say ‘I CAN’T’…’You WON’T’ !! But….if you say ‘I CAN’….you might.

And remember, our words can be such powerful tools for good or bad. Be gracious and quick to uplift others! but slow to speak ill toward others

As professional singers, we have had moments of fear and doubt, standing in front of thousands wondering what might go wrong. But as quick as those fears kick in, we refuse to negotiate with our minds and our fears, we face it, we speak out against it and see it wither under our affirmations of….I CAN, I WILL !!

With our song I’M ONLY FOCUSED ON YOU we tried to describe what we had seen in others...people who only focused on their fear and had allowed it to control their lives.

We have all felt it, all been through it, some have tried to deal with it…..Do you control your fears or have you got rid of it com?

Can YOU identify with this song? Why or why not? What or Who helped you? We would like to hear what you have to say. Click here and let us know!

With love,

Iveta & Simone

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