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Hey There

Get ready to experience the power of music and emotions with Iveta & Simone, a beautifully edgy and groundbreaking female vocal duo who have made their mark in the music industry. Based in New Zealand, and having 10+ years of professional musical artistry behind them, they have amassed thousands of dedicated, music loving followers throughout New Zealand, Europe and Australia.

All About Us

Iveta was born in Bulgaria and Simone hails from New Zealand and together, they honor the rock, alternative rock, adult contemporary and new age music genres, all topped off with a fun loving ‘80’s flair. Their original songs offer socially relevant content wrapped in haunting and thought provoking melodies that will leave you wanting more. And being masters at covering well known bands, they will instantly transport you back to the nostalgia of yesteryear. Their passion is to not only connect with the audience, but to inspire and encourage them at the same time. Life comes with both challenging and wonderful times, and music is always there for us, through it all.

Iveta & Simone happily cater to private functions, weddings, special events and concert venues, and they provide the same powerful, entertaining and emotional performance whether it’s for a crowd of 200 or 2,000.

Please contact Iveta & Simone now to find out more or to reserve them for your next gathering. You will be so happy that you did!

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